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Rib Practice

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Trying to work on the comp ribs some. Although I have been placing pretty good and with consistantcy(8th-12th), I have noticed that the taste portion is where I need to bring it up the scores to have a crack at top 5.......time to figure out what the judges want.........more like time to make myself go ahead and do it since it wouldn't be my choice to eat.

Did a couple of slabs to just to try to find a better taste.........and I think I found a look I like better as well. My normal recipe comes out looking a little orange, and although it has not hurt the scores, I think I like the looks of the other batch better and would be better off going that route.

Took some raw pics and with rub, but they look just like all the rest so moving on to on the smoker. Test rack is on the left and control rack on the right.

Not the best pics, but I think the color of the "test" rack is much more appealing.

End result was I think I found a taste that I am going to try the next comp. It was sweet and the first bite seemed awesome, but too much to sit and eat a whole rack.............sticking with the original recipe for home use.
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They both look great Fatback..I do think the test is better eye candyPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Both racks do look good Joe, I would hate to be a judge...confused.gif
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mouth watering fo sho
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Sigh. I think I'm just gonna quit comps. But that IS a nice lookin' color. Looks REAL sweet. Yep... can I hve a couple off the right slab? :{)
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I like the test slab, nice.
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man, I'd hate to have to choose between the two slabs, the both look great!
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