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propane GOSM

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I see a lot about the GOSM smoker and I am now looking at purchasing the 44" propane model. My question...........is there any unwanted flavors given off to the food from propane fumes????? Propane sounds like the way to go to control temps more evenly.
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It is what I use and I love it! Once you get it seasoned it is right on. Jeff has an gas vs. wood story that sold me http://www.smoking-meat.com/propane-smokers.html Check it out! I like it up North here as it is hard to maintain temps in the winter.
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I also have a GOSM and I love it. I have found no problem with taste at all. Good luck!
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I turn out some mighty fine vittles on my GOSM ifin I do say so myself. It is simply the source of heat like charcoal er wood er electric. There an excellent choice but yall better grab one ifin ya find it, there hard ta get right now. Good luck.
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ditto!!! nothin but good eats!!!
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