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Re-heating BB ribs??

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I am planning on cooking baby backs while I am at elk camp this year. The day time temps are normally fairly cold and I am not sure if I can keep the smoker temp up where it should be. I am pondering on smoking them ahead of time, vacuum sealing them, and then popping them into boiling water, on my night to cook. Has any one ever tried this? Does anyone have a better suggestion? By the waay, I am using a Cabela's vertical smoker (propane fired). Thanks in advance!
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I can't really speak to your process, but I can say that I personally don't think ribs should ever go near water. If you smoke them ahead of time and pack them away in the fridge or on ice, they reheat very nicely wrapped in foil or a foil pan; just add a splash of apple juice to keep them moist when reheating. If you want to add sauce, do it last. When they come up to temp, cook them over an open flame, brushing sauce over the last 15 minute.
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Geek's nailed it, Safety. QED.
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I agree with Geek. I've vacuum sealed ribs to freeze them, and once in a while a bone pokes a hole in the foodsaver bag. If that happened while you were re-heating in water, bad things would happen. (Boiled Ribs! - Yuck!)

Good luck with your project!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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throw em in a crock pot with sauce a little water mine come out great this is just a option if a oven is not avail.
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Just did what Geek said tonight and they turned out great.
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Thanks for the great information. That is the route that I will take.
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I agree. In my limited experience it seems all bbq reheats well in foil with a some sort of liquid for moisture, apple juice, boullion, etc.
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Agreed. I have reheated ribbs by lightly misting them, then wrapping in foil and putting on the warming rack of my gas grill for a couple minutes. Almost as tasty as the first time.
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I had the same issue

I made a mess of ribs once as I was testing both cooking, storeing and reheating them.

I tried microwaving (don't recommend) and regrilling them.

Someone suggested vacuum packing them and boinling. This was by far the best outcome. Make sure there are no holes in the bag and drop them in a pot of boiling water. It is hard to judge when they are done, espeically if they were rock solid before and you have a stack of bones in the bag (the middle bone or the sides touching eachother seem to take the longest to cook).

Takes about 30-45 minutes of solid boiling.

And they came out as fresh and tastey as the day I smoked them.
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If you have a propane smoker you should be able to keep it at temp at camp. If you are worried, go get a welding blanket to wrap around the smoker to keep in the temp. That way you can have the ribs marinating in the goodness of your rub until you are ready to smoke 'em!!

Good luck, and kill an nice bull!!!
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