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I gotta give ya props CD......Oh yeah and thanx....wife seen the pics.....Now I gotta do one.....Been thinkin bout doin one for a while now but been a lil nervous bout it......I aint thinkin bout it no more....Momma says,....Do It..lol.......Good job.....Looks fantastic
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Good deal TYBO. You know what they say, If momma aint happy, aint no body happy. Get yourself a good butcher and ask for a chuck roll. If he;s good, he'll know what it is. Let it sit in the fridge for a week or two( if its cryovacked, if not then maybe a week. That is a very important part of the end result. Anyone who knows beef will tell ya " age it, Love it".

Other than that, these things are wonderfull and the options are numerous.
Myself, I am a pulled meat fan, but I bet if I wanted to slice part of this monster, I would have been pretty happy with it at 160-170 too. When I picked it up to "pan it" at 170, it already had the "jello jiggle" going on.

Had sammies tonight, family loved it, I sauteed some mushrooms to add to the top of my sammie, and it was to die for.

I would like to add this: My rig is larger than alot of folks's and I live for the occcasional 15-20 lb chunks of animal I can throw in it, but don't be shy or wonder if you can do these in a UDS, ECB, MBE or any other smoker. They can be cut down to fit the grate. The price is right around the same as brisket or top/bottom round. The fat content lends itself to a smokers dream, and unlike a brisket, this cut of beef will still be good if it was a steak, or roast, so you can imagine how good it would be smoked.

I know alot of folks don't do chucks, and a few have had less than desireable results. But, as a short fat guy who loves smoked meats(not a member of the beef growers association) don't overlook this cut of beef for smoking.

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Outstanding Capt Dan. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif I was going to ask which Chuck it was, but 19 lbs WOW!!! My current butcher told me to look for the Underblade Chucks for one that pulls nicely. Got two in the freezer now. Hope to do them soon. PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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