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Big Chuck, Long Smoke W/ Q view

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I bought this chuck a couple weeks ago.

,Kept it in the fridge to gently age in the cryovac. Rubbed it up last night and injected with 8 ozs. of my beef marinade. Rested for 12 hrs and into the smoke at 6 am. Nice way to start a sunday. It is just over 19 lbs, and boneless.

Here it is after about 4 hrs at 10 am, and the internal was about 122. It is a little over 7 hrs in the smoker now and at 165. I will probably pan and foil at 170. Pic didn't turn out too good(shadows), but she is lookin good and smelling great. Fatty is about to come off in a few just to give me somethin to eat while I smell this thing. I will post some other additions to this thread a little later! Thanks for checkin out my Chucky!icon_smile.gif
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That is gonna be some good eatin right there Dan , can't beat a chuck roast , it's lookin some purdy PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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She's at 193 right now almost 11 hrs into the smoke. I figured 12 anyways, so she is on schedule(if there is such a thing). Gonna pull it around 200 and take it out of the pan and double foil and 2 hr rest. I'll get some pics then. Don't usually have these for dinner, but this big dog got done alot quicker than I thought it would, so might have some sammies after the nascar race!cool.gif
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Wish I was there:-)

Wish I was there:-)

Looks yummy as usual Dan. Can't wait for the final pics!

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lookin good C Dan!!!!!!! cant wait to see finish!!!
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OK, sorry for the delay, had to take off for a bit.
12 hrs on the dot is what it took this chuck roll to get to 200 internal. Resyed in the cooler for 2 hrs.

Here is a pic from the smoker, before the foil and rest! Lotsa juice for later.

This thing was like jelly( or a well smoked Butt) and started to fall apart when I took it from the pan. Here it is after the rest in the cooler, shoved the tongs into the middle and let them spread themselves open.

The taste was way good. I liked my new marinade rub combo. This is by far the best chuck I have done yet, and the largest in one piece ever. Here is the pile after I took 2 sammies out for my neighbor, who had to smell it cookin all day!icon_smile.gif

Thanks for checkin out my chuck!icon_wink.gif
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I gotta try one of those. Nice lookin' work. Good move to feed the neighbor, too.
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Nice lookin charles. I love beef on the Q.............
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Way to go dan! A new "gotta try that" entry on my list!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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That looks outstanding PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif as usual another fine job!!!!!!!!!
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Very nice smoke.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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sweet lookin chuck roast dan, so... the big question.....brisket or chuck???????????? great lookin smoke!!!
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Nice. I haven't pull beef yet, only sliced brisket. Gonna have to try that.
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I wonder if that's also called the "Shoulder clod". Sure looks like one. And it's about the right size. Nice job BTW, of course :{)
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Looks fantastic. Never disappointed here when you smoke.
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I will have to give that a shot! Looks very tasty!!!
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Very Nice wink.gif
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Thanks folks. Richtee, my butcher says that it isn't a shoulder clod. I have done a couple of them before too. They are big also.


I think I like the chuck rolls better than the clods, but It may be time to try another one and see if its me and my abilities eek.gif or just a different area of beef.

I guess its beef sammies for dinner. Took some to my butcher this mornin, wonder if he liked it!PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif
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Great q-view CD.
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looks great dan,, think its about time to get somore chuck roast
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