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Wisconsin in da house

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Long time lurker here... I have been smoking for about 2 years at least once a week, today I feel ready to take a walk over to the dark side and do my first brisket! I picked up a small (2.5 lb.) flat cut with a real nice fat cap and did the all night marinade in homemade italian dressing... I'll let you all know how it goes. I learn something new everytime I smoke! I use a Smoke Hollow upright and pyrex digital thermometer. But I am looking to try an actual horizontal wood smoker this year. I tried one before but had a hard time keeping the heat up here in the cold Wisconsin winters.
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welcome aboard and good luck with the brisket. Don't forget the pics!
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Hia Dog welcome to SMF. Winter smoking does add another dimention to the process for sure. Need a wind break and maybe a "blanket" to keep up temps here in MI.
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Welcome to the SMF. Lookin' forward to some brisket Q View!
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Glad you stopped lurking...............Glad to have you here...............
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glad to have more people from wisconsin here welcome to the site.
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Thanks Folks is on! I took a few pics and will upload as I go... Off to the sunday ritual hardware store visit and then to settle in with a few cold ones!
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more cowbell fatdog, more cowbell...welcome to the forum....
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Welcome to SMF glad you joined us. What this winter stuff you speak of biggrin.gif Good luck with the brisket I'll be looking forward to the Qview
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Welcome to the world of smoke...What's winter is that some of new smoke LOL...looking forward for Q-view
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Welcome to the forum and look forward to some pics.
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Welcome to SMF'
Dont be scared of the brisket my brotha.....It was my nemisis for awhile until I found SMF......Now ever1 I know screams....SMOKE ME A BRISKET TY......Its a great feelin and I couldnt do it without these fine folks at SMF.......Glad u quit lurkin and decided to join us.....Remember,.....No Q-View......never
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Welcome Fatdog.
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Welcome to the forum Fatdog!
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Welcome to the forum. "I make gold records"
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Winter takes perserverence here in the North Land. Put on yer Muckalucks and just do it!!!
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