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Sweet find, enjoy your new toy
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I am Jealous!

WHAT DAN SAID!!! I am Jealous!

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congratulations on a great deal. I glad that somebody that can appreciate and use the equipment to its fullest potential found it.
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That's a sweet deal Seboke , congrats on your new ownership ya lucky dawg PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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that a beutt

congratulations and the find, cant wait for the q-view
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Found it in North Palm Beach, FL

Ya got that taken care of for me Jerry, THANKS!

Just send me a check or money order. I'll let ya know if ya win!

I am very pleased to be in this fine company!!

Very small consultant fee required...

NoNo my man! I'm jealous of your clones!

Now that's some pressure you's layin on me! Thanks for the confidence!!

Thanks to everyone for all the great comments. I'll be hitting up Capt Dan for some advice on the workings, and Cowgirl for some pig smokin tips. Wife is coming home for good this Tuesday, I'm hopin to do a couple of the pig halves Tuesday or Wednesday. Bet yer boodies there wil be some qview!
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Damn nice rig................Hell of a deal..................
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Congrats on the new smoker!
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Great score! Congrats.
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Congrads on the Lang. I don't have one but wished I did. Looking forward to seeing all the great smokes out of the "Lucky 84".
Take care.......
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congrats, you stole that thing right out of my back yard. How did I miss that?
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seboke, Is your 'old' custom rig now for sale? biggrin.gif
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Nice!! I love finding a good deal, so what side of Tampa Bay are you on? biggrin.gif
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congrats ,,great find,,,,have fun smoking with that lang q-views...soooon
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Don't know, but I'm glad you did!!

Haven't made up my mind yet. Could get 5 bills for it i'm pretty sure.

East side, Riverview.
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