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Hey all, quick question. Is there a secret to getting the great aroma from smoked pork? I have a GOSM wide body and I've done several batches of ribs and one butt in it. The meat turns out great, the ribs are fantastic, but I neve seem to get that awesome aroma. You know, the aroma that you smell throughout the neighboorhood, the aroma that you smell when you're near a barbeque restaurant...ahhhh my mouth is watering just thinking about it... I smell the smoke from the wood, but not the 'que. How do I get that incredible aroma?
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Alot of that is due to the fact the places ya speak of are prolly running stickburners...and BIG ones. That little GOSM won't- and SHOULDN'T produce the amout of smoke the big boys do.

Put yer chair a LEETLE closer to your smoker :{)
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I notice I can smell the aroma better the next day. I think that when you are getting a snout full of smoke it will dull your senses a bit. I have eaten my pulled pork and cannot taste the smoke until the next day. Everyone at the table sits there and tells me how great a smoke flavor it has. When you smoke the next time call your neighbor and ask him the smoke is to strong. If says yea then our doing it right and our senses are dulled. lol
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