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Snowball makes Canadian Bacon with q-view

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Well it all began on July 18,2008. The 11.15 lb Pork loin is trimmed.

Looks good to me

Cure and sugar applied and all tucked in

Well here we are July 29,2008 Time for a rinse and soak (as per instructions)

Dry it well , cut in half to fit into smoker

And the wait begins

Before you know it, Done (160 Degrees)

Here is a better shot

So, I sliced a small piece and......

The wife made fresh smoked Canadian toasted bacon sandwiches for lunch

Turned out great. Thanks for all the great posts with the excellent info.

Only 2 minor problems. (1) ran out of propane. I knew i was low but........
(2) Could not get the temp down to 220 where I wanted it. Had on lowest setting with vent open to let out some heat. The temp stayed around 250.

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Snowball, that looks wonderful!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nice job, thanks for the Qview.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

What cure did you use?
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I used a dry cure
Morton's Tenderquick and white sugar. I think I will try Brown Sugar next time.

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Cool, that's what I use. I got a whole loin in the freezer that I have to split and will be doing that also.
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Snowball, your bacon looks wonderfull. Where the heck have you been? I see You joined back in 05 and only have 6 posts. With Q-view like that we would enjoy seeing it on a weekly basis. NICE JOB. POINTS TO YOU
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Looks great SnowballPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Good work, sir! Pretty looking loin ya had there.
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Right on . Cowgirl, lookout this guy knows how to plate. Nice job.
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Wonderful q-view. Been thinking about CB.
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that is some great lookin CB, nice qview showing your way thru process!!!!
great job on the great cure!!!
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