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But anyone receive any sauce yet ????
Or just the site receiving personal info to send a bunch of advertisements your way ???
I know that all my info can be found on the net if someone wants to try , just bashful about putting it all into one pile that can be sold to whomever.
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My browser said the same thing. Seems to me they're phishing for personal info. Beware of sites like this.
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I agree....but has anyone recieved the freebie yet? I sure have been getting a lot of adds in the mail..
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Nadda drop yet.
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No sauce, influx of junk mail, AND did you see their other offer when you signed up? You could fill out some stuff and spend eternity with Jesus!
Wow, imagine if I hadn't found that site?
Then I probably WOULD get some habanero sauce! :)
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Coyote, nothing in the mail but bills...
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It's the debbil's work, them Habanaros!
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My sincerest apologies folks. I honestly thought I was passing along something good, and turns out I gave y'all nothing but grief. I shall refrain from stuff like this in the future.
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Not your fault man.
Prolly just a "taco bell" packet of sauce but worth at try.
Don't sweat it.
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Got enough in the pantry as it is. Hillside Orchards Habanero Flame is my limit. icon_eek.gif
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yep. most are just wanting your e-mail for junk mails and adds. im making some b-hut jolkia sauce soon. my pods are producing now. heck. a lil taco bell pack of these record breakers would last months or years lol. 1/10th a drop e'll do ya lol.
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