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My First time making sausage

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Im going to smoke it later today.. Will post pic when done.

One is Polish Sausage and the other is Old County Pork Sausage

Here is a whole bunch of sausage you can try.
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Very nice! It ain't easy making sausage... but it's sooo good home made! Gonna try links next? MORE fun, that! LOL!
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Looks good let us know how it turns out , I am interested in trying to make sausage
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Looks great I'll be waiting for more Qview
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fill us in on what kind and details. My LEM meat grinder arrived this week and I have started planning on what to make first. any advice would be helpful
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I have a KitchenAid mixer with the meat grinder and sausage stuffer.

If you can get someone to help you when you stuff it the BETTER.

The butcher told me that if you get a little pocket if water in the casing
it helps it go in the tube better.
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Lookin great. Love the rewards that sausage making gives you. There is a fair amount of work involved but the end result is great.
Thanks for sharing that link.
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Looks good, post up some pics when it's finished.

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Looks good brothericon_exclaim.gif dont forget the q-view
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Great lookin' sausage. Looks like you had a good go for your first time. Try and tease us with some q-view after your done.

Hey Meat-man, Love the avatar "Bubba Army" I am one myself.PDT_Armataz_01_26.gif
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" Becase it's all about ME !" btls PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Hog and Sheep Casings

Rinse 'em good inside and out and soak 'em with a few drops of vinegar in the water. Let soak a good half hour so they're not tough. I spray a little olive oil spray on my hand and slick up the stuffing tube then slide 'em on. Grind out a bit of meat first before pulling the casing over it and tying off to keep air out of the casing, then stuff away! If you soak out too much casing you can re-salt them and put them back in the fridge, they're good for up to a year. Just don't freeze 'em.
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stuffing sausage

I have used a hand grinder and then pushed the casings on an antifreeze funnel. (new of course) I found I can push the sausage into the funnel and then ease the casing off the end as the sausage starts to fill it up. Daughter has helped and has a blast.
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polish and country, the two first sausages i made as well. good stuff. looks good let us know how the smoke turnt out!!!
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