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My Bacon making process - Smoking QView

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In continuation from my last thread. My wet cured bacon is all done (6 days), dried and ready to be smoked. I will used DeeJays method since Im using his recipe. I took a little piece off and cooked it to test for saltiness. It's not salty at all so Im good to go. If it was salty I would soak it for a few hours in fresh water.

Bellys are out and drying.

The smoker is heating up to 140 degrees. Im going to put the bellys in for an hour and then I will hit it with smoke. I want the meat to be nice and dry during the smoking. Im going to use hickory and maple. I'll post the finished product when it's done.

And it all smoked. 1 1/2 hours/no smoke at 140 degress to dry it and then 140 with heavy smoke for 8 hours until it hit 130 internal. Came out great. Next time I will add some extra salt to the wet cure. The salt is barely noticable and the maple syrup tastes yummy. A good run.

Ill post the dry cure next week when Im done smoking it.
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And the side view of the wet cured bacon

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Great looking pig. I need some breakfast now.
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looks great
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Great job bixter! More drool..... PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Good looking bacon Bixter!
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Very good lookin bacon.
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does that ever look good..they sell a german smoked bacon at the commie here looks kinda like yours. kinda pricey.. I broke down and bought one slab.. was the best bacon I have eaten.
be on that bacon like a hound dawg on a supper plate...
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That looks fantastic I really want to fry some bacon now!!!!!!!
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The bacon looks perfect. congrats. That is something I have not made yet.....
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looks very good, i will be interested in the dry cure you will be posting next week,,, nice qview!!!!!
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did someone say bacon?

What a wonderful piece of meat. I made some bacon-daughter ate so much not enough for pics. Can't wait for the dry cure.
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Boy that is just picture perfect bacon!!
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That is some mighty fine looking bacon good job now I'm hungry
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Looks great. I bet that won't last too long. It will get all eatin up fast.
In my opinion, the best way to eat that bacon is to cut it into 1/4 inch thick slices, about 2 inches long. Get some fresh rye bread, some sliced onions. Flame cook bacon over open fire and slap it in the bread with a slice of onion. Maybe some garlic too......YUMMY.
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Here is some sliced bacon. I had an awesome shot of the bellies in the smoker but I cant find it.

I always get some bacon chunks from the odd pieces I cant slice. These are awesome for beans, soups or adding to homemade sausage.
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