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whats a charcoal basket for?

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Just like the title says, I see alot of people moding there smoker on here, and most explain what a mod is used for. But I have yet to see an explination for the charcoal basket.

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The basket allows the ash to fall away from the coals and keep from smothering the heat.
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Here is my charcoal "basket" and ash pan.

A large charcoal basket will hold more fuel. More fuel = longer cook times.

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The basket is great if you are using the minion method ( do a search on minion method if not familiar )Fill basket and leave depresion in center and add hot coals to center, give em a bit to get going and up to temp and you should get a long controlable burn as the raw coals slowly catch. ( mix in a couple wood chunks and they will slowly smoke. Here is another version on a drum smoker but same concept.

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Anyone know where I can get some expanded metal?
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I picked mine up at Home Depot. It wasn't cheap, but it works well.
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YES, Home Depot has it...biggest only 2'x2' I believe.
That should do the trick in most cases tho.

I'm about to buy a small welder just to MOD my smoker...biggrin.gif
I'm into this too deep now!!!!

Then scoop them out with a fireplace shovel...allowing more air and hotter fire in long smokes.
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Well, yeah. But the point being, the basket removes the need to do this. Well, as often anyway. If yer lookin' - it's NOT cookin!
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Is this something you can go buy?..or are most made?
If bought...where?..if made...does anyone have any suggestions on what with?

I have a Chargriller with side box
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you have to have it made

this is the one i have for my chargriller

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Clickable Thumbnails on the basket I made for my UDS

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If you know, what are the dimensions of yours? You can still slide the side open & it not hit the basket right?

Thanks in advance!
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the dimensions are 13x12x4

yes you can still slide the ash pan out with the basket in

it rests on the top pan rail and is held also by the 2 grate rack bolts
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