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Lump versus Charcoal briquettes

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I am going to try some lump this weekend. Should I still start it the same way as regular ol' Kingsford (white bag)?

Usually I put it in the chimney starter with fluid, and wait til they're ready, then cook...with easy/good results.
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skip the fluid,put newspaper under the bottom.
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What ^ said, no fluid.
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Cool. Thanks....guess I need to buy a paper...
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I use a big wad of paper towels with a little canola or vegetable oil drizzled on it to help them burn longer. Works good. Burns better and starts quicker, in my opinion.
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Two paper towels and a little oil works very good and doesn't leave much behind. Try it and see what you think.
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Gonna try the oil,sometimes the ash can be a pain on breezy days.
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Only one way to start charcoal, fast, no lighter fluid, no long wait time, no looking for newspaper, gets 5 briquets to 500 started quick!

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Now thats the way you do it :P
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I put my chimney on top of my camping stove. Some folks light their chimney with their sideburner on their gas grill.

Those little BBQ firestarter cubes also work well.
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nice, a little mapp gas going there...lol
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Is there much of a heat difference in lump or briquettes? I would usually use almost an entire weber chimney full to get the smoker going with briquettes, do I still need the same amount of Lump?
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Lump is quite a bit hotter - however you still need a certain amount for a coal bed whichever ya use. You'll get higher temps in the smoker with lump, however.
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Thanks for the clarification...now to smoke!!!!
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Carry on, soldier! PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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exactly what I was going to say!
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AHH, I have been wondering this....thnx
They sell a good cheap lump at Trader Joes.

BTW, I use newspaper in my starter chimney with no probs at all...one sheet, one flame usually gets it going...
I follow that with another one going while the first one starts my smoker bed. I use CHUNK mesquite for more coals and chips for my smoke.
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That's the way I do it now.
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of course, it also burns up quicker than briquettes. PDT_Armataz_01_15.gif
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Hia Lisa! Back to the thread... my turkey cooker burner is 100,000 BTU's. Talk about a quick start :{)
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