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Tuna checking in

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So I found this wonderful site and I just had to join.
A little about me, I like meat.
Ok there is a little more, I have been burning all kinds of stuff on a propane char grill POS for a number of years. My neighbor is a big charcoal guy and his stuff always comes out fantastic. So the other day I decided to go ahead and get a new grill. I really wanted a trager after checking one out at a family members house, but I cant afford to drop 800-1000 bucks on a BBQ. I ended up geting a Brinkmann smoke'n pit from wallyworld. I have used it twice so far with mixed results. I really like the grill and I can see that it has a lot of potential, but I need a lot more practice.

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Welcome to SMF Tuna! You also need to do a little work to the Pit to make it a smokin' machine. Search thru the charcoal smokers forum for mods to that puppy... it'll improve it's functioning 10 fold! Enjoy!
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Welcome to the forum.
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Welcome to smf Tuna. That's the same smoker I have. After I did the mods to it, it eally works great. Do what Richtee said. Check out the forums. Most of the mods are quick and simple and will make a big difference.
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Welcome to the SMF. Your smoker can produce some great Q, might need a few mods, read around the forums for help.
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Welcome Tunaboat,

These folks here can help you. Do some searchs on meats you like to smoke and you'll give the neighbor a run for his money in no time.
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Welcome Tunaboat, I have the same smoker and you will need to do the's like nite and day
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Welcome to the smf.................Glad you found us......................
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Welcome aboard!
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Welcome aboard you will find all the necessary help you will ever need. Won't be to long and you will say Hi My Name is and I am addicted to q'ing.
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Welcome to SMF, Tunaboat. Okay, I just gotta ask-How did you come up with the User name "Tunaboat" when you're in Arizona?? Got a dear friend that lives in Queen Creek with her hubby.
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Welcome to the site icon_smile.gif.

LOL..wanted to ask the same thing icon_smile.gif. Had a "tunaboat" for many years.
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Welcome to SMF. You will like it here, lots of good folk to help you out
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Welcome to the forum Tunaboat!
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welcome from me also, like JustSmoke2 says... cept aint no 12 step group for this one man, your only recourse is to hang around with us addicts and make it even worse LOL, have a great time and cant wait to see your smokes!!!
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Welcome to the SMF family. It is a great place full of smokin smarts.
Like everyone else said, do a search for the modifications that others have made to make the smoker better.
May all you smokes be thin and blue.
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Welcome tuna (your not Bill Parcells are you). Glad to have you.
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Welcome to the SMF there is alot to take in from these forums so keep a towel around to wipe up the drool :)
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