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Old Meco smoker

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I got this thing a couple years ago out of a catalog for my 5yr anniversary with the company I was working for at the time. My problem is this: I never really cured it and or cared for it, so it literally burned up and most all of the coating on the exterior burnt off in a quite impressive semi-controlled burn. It was getting really close to the deck, haha... Can I sand it down and respray it with high temp grill paint? Should I get it sandblasted and powdercoated?

It actually worked waay more consistent than my replacement so far (Brinkmann Vertical 2dr) but for big days it would be nice to use both simultaneously....
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Is it steel? If so, I guess I'd treat it with veggie oil and call it good. Alum? Let it go..clean it off and just let it be. Unless of course you have "decor" issues? PDT_Armataz_01_04.gif
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Some of the ugliest smokers kick out killer Q. As Richtee said, paint if it makes ya happier. It won't smoke any diff.
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This is the smoker in question:(before)
I can't tell if it's steel or aluminum, I'd guess mild steel...

(after 15-20 uses tops)

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Well it's sure curing as we speak. I sanded the entire thing down with a new grill brush, and filled the charcoal pan up and off she went. Gonna let it go until she stops, then respray it lightly with cooking spray before the next use. I've got to say, this thing is working like a dream again. Not even a full plate of coals and it has held 400+ F for 2 hrs. Almost afraid to leave it burning as we head out this evening....
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powder coating will burn off !!!!

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I'd just paint the outside if it makes you happy and re-cure the inside and call it good.
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Holding at 400 degrees? Are you using a water pan?
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no, no water pan....haha
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