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Pork Butt Basics

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Ok everyone! Q here, and I am sharing with the forum, my very first attempt at Pulled pork! I have a party coming up this Sunday, and intend on smoking 2 6lb or so, pork butts. I read the stickies and need some tips from you "elder smokers" out there. (oh, here is a question: How many people does a typical 6lb shoulder/butt feed?)

I am a little concerned with the timing of the overall smoke and the suggested internal temp. I will use Jeff's rub (which I really dig with my little additions) and plan on rubbing it for a day or so before the smoke. I have the CharGriller with the Side Fire Box.

But here is what I need:

Approx Smoking TEMP (The normal 225?)
Approx Smoking TIME (to complete BOTH of these babies)
Approx WRAPPED time (away from smoke, if you guys suggest it, and if so, how long without the foil, then how long WITH the foil, then how long without it)
Approx Internal Temp (that signifies DONE)
Approx Resting time

(as indicated above) I am reading that I will need to smoke it, then wrap it in foil (kindly like a 3-2-1 method) If not kindly do tell.

Thanks in advance for ALL who respond. Maybe my post can serve as a sorta BASICS to Pulled Pork.

Only the Best to you and yours as we all smoke together!
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Everything is in this here thread...

Happy butt! I have butt envy, I can't smoke this weekend, I am off to Toby Keith concert in Las Vegas!! So I am gonna send all my good JUJU to your butt smoke!
Happy Smokes!
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Well, I know I am the newbie here here, but since I just did one this past week, here's the regime I followed:
afternoon before: Mustard then heavily rubbed 7lb bone-in butt, fridge overnight
early morning 645am: start coals
butt on at 730am, smoked for 2 hours
cooked ALL day until 730pm UNWRAPPED>Was having temp issues all day maintaining 200+, but all in all probably averaged 205-210
I wrapped, basted, and cooked in the oven for an hour or so to maintain an internal temp of 190 F for half an hour or so. Let it sit for 20-30min. Here's the infamous q-view:

(by the way, this thing fell apart like a beer can ckicken. I wiggled the bone and the meat slid right out of it)

check out and follow their receipe for pulled pork, that's what I used...

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My only question to add to this topic it this:

I have done one butt at a time, or I fill it up with 3 racks of ribs. If I do a butt and ribs, or two butts, would the temperature or cook time need to vary at all than the norm for doing one butt at a time?
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Very little, Pink. It may increase a bit, as you would think, but not much.
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I smoke butts at 225 because my little H2O won't get any hotter. Usually 8 hours is good for me. Tug on the bone. If it seems to want to slip out I'd say she's done. I don't foil (Lazy). Your smoke level needs to be the thin blue smoke. I put smoke to it the whole 8 hours. ITS THIN. To much smoke kills ur meat. Good luck. If yer stacking the butts on different levels the lower or closest to heat source may cook faster. Rotate if poss. Rest it for as long as you can hold off your hungry crowd. We feed immediately smoetimes and we let rest 30-60 min. wrapped.
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I find that a 6 pound butt will yield about 3 pounds of finished product. At 1/4 pound servings, that will feed 12 people. (Or at least make 12 sandwiches.)

Hope this helps!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Hey, no comments on the qview? That's my first one! Any advice or anything would be cool. After all, the thing tasted awesome, whether or not it looked good, but I am curious to see how it compares with your results....
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Aww crap! Well, you SHOULD have made your very own I missed your post here!

Looks great Pink...matter of fact... I'm giving you points! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Keep it up!
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If you want comments on your smoke then post it in it's own thread. This topic was made by another poster and the people who respond are trying to assist him.

Having said that, your smoke looks good, nice color and very moist.
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Pork Butt

Thanks everyone. So I guess from what I am reading, I will need 8-10 hours for the two boston butts to cook thru. I will follow the suggestions and let you know how it turns out on Sunday.
Thanks for all the tips!
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Qman- check some of the other threads on this. I smoked my first butts a couple weeks ago, kept the smoker temp at 225-250 and it took almost 15 hours total. I plateaued at 145 and foiled at 165. the butts can rest well wrapped in a cooler, but you can't rush them. learn from my mistake and give yourself PLENTY of time...... it sucks to have to tell your company that it will be "just a little longer"............

oh I had 2 7-8 lb butts goin at once

my $.02
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q-man - I find it helpful to plot up the progress - note the plateau. Here is a graph of my last "2 butt" smoke -

make sure it is fully thawed and let it rest on counter for about an hour before you put it on smoker. Also - be sure to add about an hour to let it rest on the back end, in a cooler.

hope this helps!
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Q, I smoke mine at 2225-250 until internal temp of 165. Foil and finish in oven at 250 to temp of 200-205. Pull out and wrap in towels and put in cooler at least an hour, longer if possible, depends on how hungry everone is getting lol. It will just about fall apart. BTW you need to figure 1.5 hrs for each lb of meat and at least 1/4 lb per serving. I usually figure 1/3 lb because it'll taste soooo good they will tend to eat more then they normally do with hum drum pork. Good luck and don't forget the Q-view.
Hope this helps
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Hey Husker, not trying to hijack the thread but what software do you use to do the graph?
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MS Excel - I set up a basic template and just enter the data - have it set up so the graph generates itself - I find it helpful to not only see where you're at in the process - but once you come off plateau - you can project a finish time fairly accurately.
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Here's what I do to answer your questions:
Approx Smoking TEMP (The normal 225?) 225-235F

Approx Smoking TIME (to complete BOTH of these babies) usually about 1.75-2 hrs per pound, so about 10-12 hours

Approx WRAPPED time (away from smoke, if you guys suggest it, and if so, how long without the foil, then how long WITH the foil, then how long without it) I do not wrap my butts, they stay in the elements till done.

Approx Internal Temp (that signifies DONE) you will hit a plateau around 165-170F, don't worry, may take a while, pull them off once they reach 190-195F internal temp.

Approx Resting time wrap them tightly in foil and then a towel, into a cooler (I always add more towels to fill air space), you can leave them in there for 2 or 3 hours and they will still be hot enough to burn you when you pull them.

(as indicated above) I am reading that I will need to smoke it, then wrap it in foil (kindly like a 3-2-1 method) If not kindly do tell. I do not foil because I like that chewy, tasty, bark that you get without wrapping.

Hope that helps,
Burt icon_smile.gif
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