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Greetings From Kansas City!

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I just wanted to drop in with my Chargriller Smokin' Pro 830 w/side firebox. I am VERY new to the outdoor cooking game and am DESPERATELY looking to increase my skill level. After all, I do live in Kansas City (MO) . . .
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Welcome, you've come to the right place! Glad to have ya here.
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Welcome Centurion07!
We just had a layover in KC on our way back from D.C., we were walking in your lovely airport and noticed "tornado shelter" signs...we had to of course take pix andthen run down and see what they 15 year old son and I got the biggest kick out of that!! (We don't have earthquake shelters here lol!)
You should be producing some great ques...being there and all its automatic right? Well if it hasn't over come you yet, you have come to the right place! everything you ever needed to know about smoking is here..(and other stuff too..just ask!)
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Welcome to SMF glad you decided to join us. You will find lots of good info and recipes here. I suggest taking Jeff's 5 day Ecourse as well it has some great info in it and its free. If you have questions just ask there are people here more than willing to try to answer them. Have fun and happy smoking
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Glad to have youas part of the SMF. Plenty of great tips to make your life as a smoker even better!
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What Piney said, and post some QVIEWS we love them.
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Welcome to SMF Cent! You found the right place to improve your "game" to the point where your neighbors may even become annoying! :{)

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Welcome Centurion. Good smokes is the game here.
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Welcome to the SMF!!
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Greetings from another Kansas Citian (north of the river). I have found the folks here most helpful. As a result have had great success with the few smokes I have done. Perusing threads right now to determine what to smoke this weeken.
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Greetings from Olathe.

Welcome to SMF.
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Welcome Cent07! You have come to the right place for Q!!! Dont forget the pics, hang-on and enjoy the ride.
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Welcome aboard, you came to the right place!
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Welcome KC. Look at it this way, you have plenty of options to compare your que up against.PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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