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Maverick Et-73 Problem

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I Would Like To Start Out By Saying That I Have Learned Quite A Bit About Smoking Meat Since I Found This Site A Few Months Ago. I Have Always Been A Gas Grill Guy, But I Bought A Char Griller Super Pro With Sfb And Absolutely Love It! I Havent Used My $1600 Napoleon Grill Since! I Am Cooking 6 Butts Tomorrow For My Daughters 1st Birthday As Well As Dutch's Baked Beans. I Bought The Maverick Thermometer And Have Used It A Few Times W/o Problems, But I Cooked A Beer Can Chicken Tonight And My Food Probe Wont Register A Temp. Just Says "hhh." Any Thoughts On This Problem Would Greatly Be Appreciated. Also, I Am Cooking The Butts Tomorrow For The Party On Sunday. I Have Read A Few Different Methods For Reheating And Am Leaning Towards Pulling The Meat Tomorrow Night And Putting In In Ziploc Bags Then Reheating In Boiling Water On Sunday. Is This The Best Approach For Reheating Or Should I Try Something Else? Thanks In Advance And Wish Me Luck!!!
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Happy 1st birthday to the baby girl...
Check the batteries??
and oh yes the reheating in bags is da' bomb!! I had pulled brisket tonight just like that...when I am packing it to store I put some juice and finishing sauce in with the meat, then when it re-heats in the bag it has that yummy juice as well...just my .02!!
Happy smokes!
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Ruski, sounds like the probe might have either gotten wet or touched flame/hot metal. Either way, odds are that probe is toast. I've had two die on me like that. Both my fault. Hope this isn't the case because you'll not be able to use it nor get one shipped to you in time for the weekend. However, most of the maverick probes will work with the et-73. Et-7 are pretty cheap and easy to find if need be.
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Welcome Ruski. Good luck w/ the butts.
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I dito BBQGODDESS The only thing I do different is freeze the juices from the butt's in ice cube jars and the put a cube in the bags and vacumn seal them. They kep for a looooong time then. The to reheat just put in boiling water till watr and presto it is just like it came right out of the smoker.. Just my 2 coppers.... Oh yea just call or write Maverik and tell them your problem and they will replace your probes if that it the problem, I had a problem of them reading too high and they sent me two with in 3 days..
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Welcome to the SMF!!
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