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Another Controversial Smoke? Not! Baby Backs W/Qview

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Now that Ritchtee has defined dry cure, versus brine cure, versus plain salt brining, you can see that here if you haven't yet: PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Anyway, I am doing one of my $1.99 slabs of baby backs experimenting a little again, OH, OH.

I was going to do both slabs, but I don't wan't wifey to get tired of eating all my experiments. On to the experiment, actually 2.

On the left side with thin meat I am Dry Curing in Mortons Tender Quick. On the right Yashidas marinade, Maple syrup, since the fatty I did that way had a nice glaze to it, along with garlic powder and lemon pepper.
I am only going to Dry cure for about 2 hours as a test then put in the smoker.

Now, where did I even get the idea of curing Baby Backs you wonder? I got out my book from Rytec Kutas. It is a great book, mine is from 1984 and still revert to it on occasion.

He talks about when in bussiness " The Hickory Shop Sausage Kitchen" in Las Vegas in the 60's he smoked BB ribs for Caesars Palace as a "gourmet dish" for $18.50 per person. Damn how much today, $90.00 a person?

Anyway, that's my experiment for today.

I'll be doing the 2-2-1 and skipping the last 1 and just cool and put in the fridge till we eat them and the toss on the Weber gas and sauce them.
Hickory, some briqettes, mabe a lump of mesquite.

Will keep you updated as usual.

Anyway, wish me luck and as always, thanks for watching. Going to get some smoke going!!!
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Now thats an idea Ron, keep us posted as to the results you get. Wish I could find BB's for that price, last I checked at the local store up here they was running $3.99LB. A real store is 70 miles round trip minimum so the local guy is killing us PDT_Armataz_01_07.gif
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Butt Ron.
Why even bother with a cure period for only two hours. I know you read RichT's post. It don't make any sense to cure somthing for only 2 hours. I am not trying to be a smart azz. But please come to you senses and the whole cure thing. Either you are going to truely cure are just going to brine. Love ya man.
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Well... what that'll do is manufacture a nice "smoke ring" for ya...even in the oven! ;{)
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Even if I get that that is alright. I'm sure I might get some flavor as well, I' m hoping. If not, so be it, I'm sure they will be edible. It's a start on my journey for learning more.
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Well, I'd rather do it slow and experiment, remember ribs don't have that much meat mass. Also I don't like a lot of chemicals in my food.

If I get a little smoke ring, great, I can be with the big boys, LOL.

Love ya too, oh **** did I say that? icon_smile.gif

I'll keep ya posted.

Thanks for watching.
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After about 1 1/2 hour I did a spritz with apple juice and tripple sec.

I am having a little trouble with the 2 -2 -1.

It'll be probably be a 3 -2 -1 without the 1.

I do see a differnece in the color left to right. Maybe the cure thing?

I'll keep ya posted.

Thanks for watching!
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I just foiled after about 3 hours with apple juice and triple sec.

Will probably update In the am. Another 2 hours before they are done.

Thanks for watching, Ron.
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I just unfoiled, oh my God and tasted both sides, you will ba amazed at the results. I willl post final results, reviews, and pics tomorrow, too tired now.

Again, thanks for watching!
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MMM hammy ribs! Wake up, dangit...we're on pins an' needles here! PDT_Armataz_01_40.gif
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There he goes hammin it up again. LOL
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OK Guys Here It Is

Here is the finished slab. Nicer color on the left with the syrup.

Left is pink small smoke ring, right normal no ring.

A closer up view. You can see the cure went through to the bone in only 2 hours.

Not sure why, bones on left slid away from the meat clean. Moist and tender both sides.

I really like the cured ones better, they had that twangy taste, wouldn't go so far as to call it ham though.

Since I haven't finished on the grill yet, not sure of the final result.

If you notice, the cure penetrated to the bone in only 2 hours. So maybe just like cooking to temp, every piece of meat may take cure differently.

Any comments are welcome.

As always, thanks for watching.

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Considering you were working with about 3/4 inch of meat, curing both sides, I'd say that's pretty normal. Man they look GOOD!

REMEMBER... any heat speeds up a chemical reaction...I think typically it's double time for every 10°C. If you could only boil a ham in the cure... LOL!
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Thanks for the compliment Richtee.

Hmm don't tempt me, another experiment? No, I'd better pass on boiling the ham! And no, I'm not going to boil the ribs either!icon_smile.gif
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