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HELP...Boneless Shoulder for pulled pork

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Well I kind of screwed up and got a boneless shoulder instead of a bone-in shoulder for doing some pulled pork. It's too late for me to change it as it is on the smoker now so I can take it to my family reunion tomorrow morning. Anyway my question is will the "Boneless" make a big difference in cooking techniques/times/temps/ or over all quality? I understand that generally the bone gives vetter flavor and makes the meat more tender, so again what can I do to compensate for this? Any help is always greatly appreciated.
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It will turn out fine don't change anything same methods and temp,
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you will be fine. Just wrap it at 165 and pour a little of the mop you are using in before sealing it up.
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Agree Piney.
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Fantastic. That makes me a bit more relaxed and I will be sure to let you know how it turns out.
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It's too late now, but I would have tied the roast with butchers string. It will help to cook evenly, won't fall apart, makes it easier to handle at the end of the cooking.

When I used to smoke pork shoulder (butt), on my weber kettle, I had to turn the meat several times during the cooking process, I always used butcher string, thus the meat was easy to handle. I also think if injecting with juice, which I always did on the kettle, the meat held more juice if tied.
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Bone in or out, dont matter. If you put on a finishing sauce or BBQ sauce, you cant tell the difference. Cook the same if you had a bone or not. With rubs, slathers, etc, you can tell. If you just cook a butt plan, then you can tell if it had a bone or not.
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Thanks for all the input. It turned out real nice. I didn't have my camera handy to take pics for you all. I should have thought about the butchers string first though but since I have the other one to do later (it was a two pack from Costco) I will be sure to use it it. I was rather happy that when I unwrapped it It almost fell apart literally. Had to just pull bits off and trasfer to my pan. Anyway I really wish I had found my camera to show off some pics but I will make sure next time. Again thanks for all the help.
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Ryan glad to hear all came out well. If you haven't tried the finishing sauce try some its great.
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