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GOSM need help making smoke

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Did a bunch of mods to smoker. I replaced chip box with cast iron skillet. I also cut 1 1/2 inches off rack that holds skillet to get it closer to flame. Takes forever to create smoke. Once it gets going it does well but when i add more chips it takes takes like 10-15 minutes to start smoking again. Is anyone else having this problem or is this normal? Seems like everyone has replaced chip box with skillet. Should i use a lighter skillet instead of cast?
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A lighter skillet will heat up faster, thus giving you smoke faster. 10-15 min. isn't too bad a wait. Personally, I use a drilled out coffee can. It smokes up real quick, and no problems with air circulation with the 3/8 in. holes. Good Luck my friend.
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I agree with Rich cast iron takes time to heat. Lots of people use the drilled coffee can and it seems to work great.
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I use the container my smoker came with, its cast iron, and no problems. by the time my smoker is up to temp and I put the meat on it starts to smoke.
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I also use the stock box and no issues with smoke generation.
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I think the cast iron the stock box is made of is thinner than a cast iron skillet... I have had no problems with it making smoke in a very timely manner.

When I add more chunks, it takes 10-12 or so minutes to start smoking, but we try to get the box out, get it emptied and refilled before it cools down too much.
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I replaced mine with a $3 9x9 cake pan and I use the original pan lid for it an I get smoke much quicker now.
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I use the coffe can, just get one and peel the label off and cut it where it will fit under your water pan. If you have cut an inch and a half off of your tray, make sure you put foil over your wood, that close to the heat with that thin of metal, makes for a good chance for wood to catch fire.

I get smoke on 5 minutes or less
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I use the original box and when needing replenishing, I will dump out the ashes and place in a fresh chunk along with a few chips to get the smoke going in a hurry.
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I use a cheap 9x9 cake pan, put my chips er chunks in, cover with aluminum foil an poke bought 3 er 4 holes in it, then leter go. The foil heps stop them nasty flare ups an I get a nice long smoke outa it.
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I am having same problem with smoke. If I use coffee can, where should I drill holes. Does everyone use the water pan that came with GOSM? If not, what do you use?
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Stock water pan works just fine from my experience. Can't comment on the coffee can, but like travcoman said, I've had a ton of success with a cake pan foiled with holes in the top of it. I know there's some threads around here with pics of the coffee can mods.
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I did'nt drill any holes in my can,, just throw in a chunk or two ( whatever will fit ) and then cover with foil and poke a couple holes in the foil
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wok grill pan

i use a wok grill pan. i used a bottom chip procelin pan from an ecb on top. (i had to bend the lip up a little to close the door.) easy to refill. use pliers to remove wok pan. shake from side to side to remove ash. refill with wood. replace. 15 secs to complete the task. minimal temp change.
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I use a 10 in skillet. I turned the rack upside down to get the skillet closer to the flame. I also soak my chunks and don't foil, but it does take upwards of 15 min to get smoke. I will try not soaking and using foil with holes next time, seems a lot of folks doing that with success.

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