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Another Accidental Score W/QVIEW

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I went to our local Krogers (Smiths Food And Drug) for a loaf of designer bread, that's what wifey calls their sourdough caraway rye. After that I decided to walk to the meat department for no good reason, I didn't need anything. I was looking in one of those chest type cases and what did I spot? Store trimmed Baby Backs ,the ones with meat on them. First I thought they were beef at that pirce, nope real BB ribs. of course I had to scoop up a pack with 2 racks. I called Sam's and was told $3.87, almost $2.00 a pound savings. Made me happy.

This will probably be my next smoke.

I guess it pays to look around in advance.
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That is a score! That's what I pay for beef spares. I would have bought as much as I could at that price.
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Nice score Ron for sure. I noticed at the locker yesterday pork ribs were more than beef ribs. When did this happen? Thought beef was more expensive. Maybe mismarked?
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Good catch Ron!
I too would have loaded up. I have a deep freezer and really enjoy stumbling up on deals like that. Hope you enjoy them.
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PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif I thought if you took in someone's add about food prices WalMart would match it. I find brisket on sale and take the ad into WalMart and buy it there. Should work everywhere.
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Congrats on that score! I can't wait to see them all dressed and ready to party! PDT_Armataz_01_06.gif
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Usually beef ribs are cheaper here but they have no meat on them either. Several weeks ago I found the same thing for the beef though that were boned out from a whole rib in store and were like 1.99 and had a nice cover of meat. I guess you just got to look for something that the store bones out, and be lucky enough to be the first to grab them.

These weren't in any ad, it was a managers special, right time, right place I guess.

There were only a few packages, I took the best looking one there.icon_evil.gif

Maybe tomorrow Goddess.icon_smile.gif
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I always go back to the meat dept when in Kroger - those Manager's Specials can't be beat!
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Nice score Ron! They should make some good eating. Enjoy them.
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dang u been coming across some deals latley!!!!! good deal man!!!
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Good score Ron! I usually get mine at Costco for almost twice as much. I am going to have to start foraging around at our local grocery to see if I can find some good deals.
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I agree that's why I thought I would share with others.

Thank you.

This is the third in a month. 1. Pastrami $1.00 # 2. Beef Back Ribs with meat, I think $1.49 or $1.99 # and now this.

Sam's was $3.89 the same day. It can pay off sometimes. Right time at the right place.

I have been thinking of sucking up to the manager and making friends with him, maybe even throwing him a bone or 2 like in food, maybe he would call me when something is happening. icon_smile.gif
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That sounds like a good score Ron!
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Thanks Jeanie, I am going to make more of a habit to check. These finds were by accident.
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The best price I ever got was 2.99 a pound. Right now they are 5.49 a pound! I'm so glad I picked up 12 more racks while they were still on sale. That's a great score!
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Yikes $5.49? Damn that's high. Someone is making a lot of money there.
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