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Still learning...have a ?

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Im still learning/experimenting. I have a question. Do you leave the smokestack open or shut? I have read both and still have trouble keeping the temp. where I want it. Advice
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I'd open it for better flow.
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I can keep the temp at 225, but wasnt sure if it hurt the meat to have all that smoke in there.
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I always leave mine all the way open. Control the temps with firebox vent.
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So if my meat has a nasty smoke flavor, is it because I don't keep the stack open, or am I using too much wood.
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Both. I just use a couple 2x2 chunks at a time. If your stack vent is closed you will get a creasote build up. Nasty taste!
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Nasty taste for sure..It was gross. How many chunks do you use total. And I promise no more stupid ?'s. I'm just learning and for the most part the food tastes superb. Just trying to perfect it..thanks for all your help
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I usually throw in a couple chunks every 45 min or so until the meats hits 140*. Then that's it.
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i use a small amount of chips and keep unit sealed much as possiable no bitter taste here
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My stake damper is open 100% durin smokin, control yer temps with the firebox damper. Ifin yall gonna use alota chunks, yer gonna have ta put em in a pan an foil em so they don't flare up. Poke bout 3 er 4 small holes in the foil, longer smoke without the flare up.
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fISHER, start smoker ahead of time to get temp. to desired temp. and smoke level. Start w/ a couple chunks. Once you have a thin blue smoke coming out put meat on. You don't need for smoke to be fogging out for smoke flavor. Each smoke will bring you more experince and then you can start messing with set ups and what not. Good luck. Everyone screws up.

Don't be afraid. Its only meat.
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You got a lot of answers and all of them the correct one. There is no such thing as a stupid question. And if you cant get a civil answer here I don't know where you could. This is the most friendly site I have found. I am only sorry I was not the first one to help you.
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Like they all said.. if the smoke hangs in your cooker too long it will leave a foul flavor. As the smoke flows past your meat, it will do its majic. keep it flowin.
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Welcome to the smf................Lots of people here to help you out as you have already found out...............
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Welcome to SMF! If it makes ya feel any better, I've made the same mistake. Meat came out with a black bark and a bitter taste. The folks here put up with lots more silly questions from me. Now I keep that exhaust wide open and control temp with the intake at the fire box. Don't quit trying and don't quit asking questions. The experts around here fall all over each other trying to help ya out. Good luck and happy smokes!
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Leave it open, you don't want stale smoke just hanging around the cabinet. Bad things can happen.
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