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BBQ Remainders

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I haven't seen a post that discussed what everyone does with the leftovers or the 'extra' meat you smoked while the fire was burning.

I often cook extra briskets, chickens, or butts and then freeze 1 lb bags separately. I then use the leftover meat when making enchiladas, chimichangas, tacos, and brisket dip (in another thread).

What other ways do you all use the leftovers?

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Jerry, you sound a little more organized then say me. It can barely get to the next day. Sounds great if you can pull it off.
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reheat the pp and the brisket, and have another meal of it........lolol......thats what i do.............

chicken pot pies, with left over chicken.........chicken tetrazinni.......bisquets and chicken gravy......or brisket gravy......or pp gravy.........

chili with the brisket/pp.........

french dips with beef/pork sandwiches with the brisket/pork

just look at ANY recipe mankind has made, and replace with the smoked meat/poultry/fish/seafood
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Brisket makes great chili.
Chicken is good in enchaladas, tacos, burritos or crepes. (brisket too for that matter)
Machaca and eggs (Basically pulled beef or pork in scrambeled eggs)
Soup or stew.
Sandwiches with any and all of it.
Top a salad with brisket, pork, chicken...
Pot pies as WD said

C'mon folks...I knew were more creative than this!!
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smoked left overs never hear of such a thingicon_exclaim.gificon_exclaim.gif
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I am IN Texas Hunter...we need a leftover thread!!!!!
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My absolute favorite part of smoking birds is the soup that carcass makes.
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I usually vacuum seal and freeze it. Pulled meats I seal in 2-3 serving size bags. I try to eat more healthy with lots of salads for lunch, with a little pulled chicken or turkey to top it off.
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One of my favorite ways to use leftover smoked meats , is to chop them up a lil finer and drop portions of the meat into "scoops". The tortilla chips made by Tostidos.
I like to use a large baking sheet and arrange all the scoops in an upward position( like lil cups) drop some chopped meat, then toss some shredded cheese over the tops, and sprinkle a lil cajun seasoning. Bake at 350 for 5-10 minutes till cheese is bubbly. Have a lil BBQ sauce or salso on the side. Makes a nice snack, or even dinner on nights of overtime work!

We also do Quasadillas with the PP or brisket, or chicken.
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I think a left over forum is a great Idea..I did leftovers w/brisket my self this evening.Did it with a french dip philly kinda feel.Gotta say got the Idea from someone here....I used hoagie roll ...brushed it w/some garlic butter threw it under the broiler till it just started to turn brown......Layed some reheated brisket on it ........topped that with mushrooms and onions and some provolone cheese and threw it back under the broil till cheese melted.....simple as that......Then I used some reheated juice from the brisket as an au-jus kinda thing
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I haven't done this yet but there is a Pizza place here that makes a BBQ Beef pizza. I wanna take some leftover pulled pork and do a BBQ Pork pizza with cheese. They use a thinned BBQ sauce to smear on the dough, then cheese, then BBQ Beef, then more cheese. Tasty!
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Now this I've gotta try!
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I gotta double ditto that! what an appetizer can be had with that meat!!
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