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Pork Loin Questions from Newby

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Hello to all.

Completed first smoke last week. Pork Butt. Took 16 hours and I nearly went crazy. Learned a few things. will go better next time.

I want to cook pork loin this weekend and have a few questions:

1. to brine or not to brine? If so, in what and how long?
2. to wrap in bacon or not to wrap in bacon? May buy a whole loin and do half with and half without. Wife not a huge fan of bacon. (I'll keep her around anyway)
3. From what I have read, I want to cook to 165 internal, correct?

Thanks for all of the great posts and tips on here. We new guys really appreciate the advice.

I will get q vue of the process and post next week.
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Brining is up to you. A standard brine of 1C kosher to 1 gal water, and seasonings can be done.

Bacon, again is up to you, altho I'd recommend maybe adding it half way thru smoke...perhaps I.T of 90-100, especially if you do not brine.

And I.T.- you go to 165 and it's bordering on dry. 140-145 wrap in foil and let it rest in a towel or a cooler about 20 min.
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Hi Paul....
I did pork loins the last few weekends. I didn't brine any but I did inject them with Tony Chacheries Honey/BBQ/Bacon injection. Then I put my rub on. I let them stay in the fridge over night. The next morning a pulled them and let them warm up a little ..about an hour or so. I smoked them at about 250 degrees till they got to 145 degrees. I wrapped them in foil then in a towel and then into an ice chest for a couple hours. 145 degrees and the two hours in the ice chest will get them medium- medium rare...just a lil bit of pink towards the center. If you leave them on till 165 degrees them will be well done and probably a little bit dry. But most people like thier pork well done...not me. I also made Dutch's mahogany sauce to go with it. The loin with the sauce is killer!
Good luck with it.
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Agree with these two. 145 to 150º tops is what I shoot for. PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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OMG...that puppy turned out so good it was a sin.

it only took 2 hrs once the 300* temp was achieved (it was the advice of someone here to cook higher to not allow dryout)...I used charcoal and mesquite blocks with hickory, apple, and 'beechwood' from AB beer. Added a fresh picked Rosemary branch on top and covered that with 4 slices of bacon....
I never had a loin done that juicy and that pure in taste before in my life.

It was marinaded, not brined or injected.
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