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Sausage question

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I am looking at smoking some summer sausages and possibly some Italian Hots, Andouille and Kielbasa. Here are the questions:

What temp should the smoker be?
What internal temp for the sausages?
What do you think the estimated time will be? (i know....it depends....)

I will be getting the sausages from my butcher. Is there anything special I need to have him do?

I will be hanging them from the top rack of my smoker using S-Hooks 2 links per hook. I figure I can put about 10-15# comfortably in the smoker as I have about 2 feet of vertical space from the top rack to the water pan.

Am I missing anything?

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Most sausages that size are smoked around 180° - 200°. Internal temps should be at least 155°-160°, but below 170°. 3 to four hours is typical.

The sausage should include a cure.
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Typically Kielbasa is pre cooked but the other two are not. The kielbasa can come off sooner than the other two so it doesn't get tough and over cooked. I typically do two hours or so on the Kielbasa and the others I cook to an internal temp of 160.
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Ahhh true! I was thinking of when I make it...it's of course fresh. If the butcher is making it tho... it's gonna prolly be fresh KC.

On edit: Assuming he's making it expressly for him to smoke, anyway.
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You're right Richtee...

Alamar, I would make sure and ask the butcher if it's pre-cooked or not.
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