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Rub samples

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I'm thinking about making a little larger batch of rub this go around so that I can give out a few samples. In the past I have just used old spice bottles and large rub bottles for myself, has anyone got an ingenius idea for sharing rub with friends and for samples?

I've thought about the cheap throw away Dixie containers you get at walmart. But figured someone would have come up with something better.
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how about vacum seal in vac bags, can custom make the bags to size of choice..... be easier to send out too.
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I agree with ERAIN. Vacuum sealing might be a good way to go. You might try the Reynolds Handi-Vac Vacuum Sealer. I paid only $10.00 for the unit and several sample bags. Some of the forum members said that the performance was spotty but mine has worked pretty well for me so far.
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Sheesh...use Ziplocks. "Burp" them, keep frozen till distribution.
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I usually use the 2 ounce plastic cups with lids that I get from my local resturant supply Solo is the brand. Like Rich said ziplock bags work well to. They now have the snack size bag that is half the size of the sandwich bag.
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i save all my old spice bottles fillem up with your rub and throw extraws in freezer. just fillem 1/4 way for samples.
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I don't wear Old Spice, so I don't have any bottles but I think my dad might. I'll try it, but how do you get the rub through that tiny hole?
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if ya shake real hard it'll come out sprinkle a little behind the ears befor ya start you'll come out great
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The small hole is for homemade Tabasco!

Thanks for the different ideas, I've got a vacuum sealer and may do that. Also have the half size sandwich bags for the kids snacks. Just wanting to what ideas others use. This particular rub has fruit in it so I want to freeze and limit the air so some form vac seal is most likely what I will do.
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Richtee to the rescue.
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