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Hello from Oklahoma

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Hello, I just found this site and I hope to learn a lot form the experiences shared here.

Just to let you all know where I am comming from.... I was born and raised here in Oklahoma, I am 43, married and just purchased my first smoker last week. I have been grilling for years and make the best hamburgers and french fries in the known world.

I took up cooking a few years ago although I have grilled hamburgers since I moved out on my own. I have been primarily a baker (bread-(marvelous grilled,) cinnamon rolls, bagels etc.... but I have wanted to smoke meat for some time now and finally with the complete blessing of my wife who loves bar b que (even though she is an Italian from NJ) purchased about as cheap of an offset fire box smoker that money can buy at Wally World. It is a Char-Broil American Gourmet (assembly required.)

I assembled it, seasoned and smoked my first meat last saturday, a brisket, it turned out pretty good but I made some mistakes, including too much rub.

A neighbor gave me a chuck roast to smoke this weekend. I looked for some information about cooking a chuck roast and that's how I found this forum.

See ya round the smoker....
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Welcome to the best smoking food site on the 'net haglered. Check out the Equipment section and read over the modifications that you can make to your smoker to make it perform musch better.

Keep the smoke thin and blue-

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Thank You very much.....

I looked for the equipment section, clicked on charcoal smokers but failed to find any info on modifying a smoker. I did make about 2 mods the smoker I bought. The first was to put a grill topper into the fire chamber to keep the coals from falling out the damper. I found this to be a problem during the seasoning of the smoker.

Second I put a brick in the bottom of the smoke chamber to moderate the heat in the chamber. I would put more than one in but I didn't have another brick; fortunately it is an old, large, heavy, solid brick with no holes, the kind they used in streets.
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Ditto, welcome!
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Welcome from another Okie!smile.gif
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Welcome aboard and you might want to check out Jeff's 5 day course, it will most likely save you some steps.

Plus, you can always ask questions here and folks are quick to answer.

Look forward to hearing and seeing your results.

BTW, brisket can be a tough deal to start with so don't be too hard on yourself. I am pretty good at them and screwed one up last weekend biggrin.gif . Maybe try a pork butt for comparison as they are very forgiving and easier.
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welcome to smf, cant wait til you share some smokes with qview!!!!
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Welcome Haglered.
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Welcome to SMF! You'll have that Chargriller tuned up and kicking out great Q in short order, Sir!
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welcome to smf...from another okie....biggrin.gifbiggrin.gif
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Welcome to SMF. Lots of good folk here that want to help you out on your journey into the world of smoke cooking. ask any questions you may have someone will have an answer. so saddle up, hang on and enjoy the ride
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Ditto that. Trying a pork butt/shoulder or chicken would be much easier to get started with. Glad you found us and welcome.
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Welcome to the site, it is nice to have another FINE OKIE here. Since you have a roast, look up the thread by "Glued2it" on French Dips. They are delicious!
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Haglered-check out this link for mods- .
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Thanks for all the fine welcomes.... I appreciate the effort it takes to respond to a newbie and make him feel welcome.

I'm glad to hear from some fellow okies. If any all hear about any smoking competitions in this here state let me know.... I haven't known of any (at least in or near the metro since the state championship at the Bass Pro parking lot (last year or maybe the year before)

We were not upset at the brisket at all, just could of been better, not too bad for the first go round.... I have been learning a lot about smoking and am really thinking that brown sugar and paprika should not be included in most rubs.....

I think I will post my next adventure (the chuck roast) in a thread. What forum is best for that?
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Thanks, stupid me was clicking on the articles at the left of the screen not the forums. I figured it out after I replied to your post...

I'm not anxious to drill any holes in my new smoker just yet and don't have the money to buy any more accurate thermo meters....yet. I'll be trusting the one that came with the smoker and my instant read to check the internal temp....
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Welcome aboard. Great to have another okie here. Have fun mate
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Welcome to the smf........Glad to have you here.............
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greetings okie

Welcome to SMF okie. i'm from near tulsa. ditto what they have said.
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