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Got me a new stuffer

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Can't wait to use it ! it is a 15 lb stuffer biggrin.gif Now I won't have to use jerky stuffer anymore
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Looks like T H's stuffer he seems to love it. Hope santa bring me one....
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Nice rig there meat man.
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Cool, if you've been using a jerky stuffer, your going to really like that one.

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Congrats that ought to make life much easier!!
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Congrats Meatman...That's some serious equipment there
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Very nice!
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nice stuffer meat man , you will wonder what you ever did without it ! ..... just gotta love gettin new toys biggrin.gif
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LEM makes a good stuffer. Congrats, let the stuffing begin !!!
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Damn nice stuffer..............Congrates...............
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Congrads on the new stuffer.
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Ya I know I will like it....almost anything would be easier then the jerky cannon
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Love my 5 lb LEM... you've got 3 x the fun. :)
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Sweeeeeeet toy, congrats
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You'll be amazed at how much easier and faster stuffing will go. I don't mind spending time on this hobby, but not when it's the frustrating kind of time, I'd rather it be on the creative, perfecting your product kind of time. Keep us posted.
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That's a nice one alright... Congratulations!
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Lems good stuff, jerky cannon is great fer jerky, makes sausage a bear. Enjoy the new toy!
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my paw-in-law has one of those and he absolutely loves his. That thing will make quick work of a pile of sausage. Hope you enjoy your new toy!
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Nice get meat-man. I love your tag line, that is hilarious.
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Let us know how well it worked!
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