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hey everyone, i am new to smoking meat, only tried a few times. from oklahoma and enjoy reading all the comments
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Hia Big! Welcome to SMF! Lots of info...start with the 5 day ecourse you can find in the box on the left of the main page... What rig ya got?
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Welcome to SMF glad you joined us. You have come to the right place to find lots of great info and some fantastic recipes. Rich is right try the Ecourse its got some good info in it too. The other nice thing about this place is if you have a question people are willing to answer it and help with advice. Have fun and happy smoking
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Welcome bigbun!! The water is warm and the folks are friendly. Jump in feet first!!
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Welcome from another Okie...glad to have ya
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Welcome Bigbun, you'll love it around here.
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howsit brah!!

Howsit bruddah! I'm a newbie myself but this is a great bunch of smokers. They've already helped me tons, all ya gotta do is ask em'..

"If the house is a rock'n, don't bother knock'n. Come on in! "
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Big Bun hop right in here. The SMF gang can get you there.
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Hey welcome from Northern Indiana ...........

I look forward to your participation on the forum.
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Welcome to the SMF. Tell us a little about your smokin'/grilling hardware. Preference of woods?
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Welcome to SMF. Tell us a little bit about yourself, you smoker, amd what you like to smoke.
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Welcome to the SMF family.
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Welcome to the site!! if you have questions, the answer is on this site.
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