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this doesn't belong in Jokes-----"The Kiss"

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i would post this in general discussion, but the last time i posted a nice thing, that didn't have anything to do with smoking or grilling or such, it got moved to the joke section.......so to avoid that happening again, i will start it out here

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Wow Dude! That was sweet. Didnt expect that from you. Very nice indeed!
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Ha, ha! That's awsome!
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Campi sent that to me in a email.......so thought i would post it here
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Dude, been sittin here thinking about this. You come across as a hard *ss but you're just a big softy!!
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i am sorry you have that opinion about me.........
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And sensitive too?? Just a little humor Dude. I really enjoyed that post.
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Thanks dude! That is really sweet.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Now I started thinking of my dog we just put down. Cept he would of had his teeth around my nose, I should take a pic of the scar on my arm LOL. That was a nice shot though. Someone have a hanky?
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excellent one
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This is great Dude, thanks for sharing it. And you're right-it doesn't belong here in the "jokes".
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Being a vollie Firefighter... that was touching .... thanks Dude!!
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Dude , that was awesome ..... ya big softy biggrin.gif
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Great post WD PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

And Ron50 is right PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif
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real nice dude..... real nice.
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That's a good un Steve, sent it to a few folks, thanks buddy.
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I think animals feel more emotions than we know. great post. mid if i use it? you big ole teddy bear you
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Knock yourself out kratz.......i got this from another member here, campi.......so feel free to pass it around

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nice one WD.... i guess biggest thing about it for me is maybe the emotion the dog showed to the fireman.... as people in the same situation do we put the same thinking into thanking the firepersons who have just saved our lives and homes??? i think they are under appreciated. from me Kudos to all the firepersons out there. keep up the great work!!!
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Cool picture
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