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Heh...you best be careful making statements like that here... one or two of the members here might just give ya a run for yer money biggrin.gif
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LOL sounds like we need to have a cook off LOL

Oh I am sure some are better then mine and some are not. its all good though. I had my future mom in law come over and they said they have tasted BBQ all over and said mine is better then neely's
All I can say is for anyone in here to keep sharing how you cook and what you use. I think we all are the best in our own way.
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Amen to that! Just as in any art... tastes vary. And cooking of any type IS an art.
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I was just thinking it would be something different to have some folks in here who would be willing to send say a half a slab of ribs to some one in the group or set up a rotation where we can sample each others food to get to know what others food taste like. sort of like a mailing list
I am sure there would need to get some logistics out on it but would be fun. And to be fair it i send a sample to one person the next sends me one back and so on and son on.

Just a thought
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Be fun...but shipping costs are nuts...especially if things need to go overnight or next day... OUCH! Maybe cured stuff...
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well thats why I said that if one sends the other sends back. but you can freeze it and put dry ice in it too ya know.

Oh well just a thought
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