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Do you need to pull the skin off the back of the ribs or can you just slit it a few times?
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If you like smoky chewing gum strips, leave it. If not, remove it.
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Either one works, most prefer to remove the skin, but if cooked properly, it doesn't really matter!
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Everything I've read says to pull the membrane off...don't know if that's the same thing your seeing or not.

Plus, I'm new and I don't know what the H-E-*-* I'm talking about sometimes, but I like to pretend to help! lol!

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I would, that way the rub/sauce penetrates from both sides.
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Stick around a while mrwizardgi and this wont be the case for very long!!!
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i perfer it removed
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I pull it off myself once you do a few slabs kinda learn the tricks to it it's not that hard,i use a butter knife,get under the membrane right on the bone,work it up (you can once you get the knife under there roll the knife over to get some slack) then work your fingers under it some then use a paper towel to grip the membrane with and pull it right off. how i do it anyway..cool.gif
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I would remove it, makes it better for everyone who eats it, cept in bubba's case, he boils his ribs!biggrin.gif That's what he meant by"cook it right".eek.gif
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I take it off. I use a pair of clean pliers and skin it like a "cat fish"
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Someone on this forum suggested using a wet paper towel to grab hold of the membrane. I tried it last week and it worked great.
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Dang Bubba that thar gotta smart a might LOL
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I remove it makes for better ribs. IMO
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I have been cooking ribs for over 30 years and used to work at a BBQ restuarant as a kid. We never pulled it off. They were still good ribs As I got older I started to pulled them off all the St Louis style ribs I cooked.As for it making a difference it does to a degree. Some say it will cook off some say it will not. I get most of my ribs from Costco ( baby backs) and I gave up pulling it off ,the reason is the amount they leave on there is so small you cannot get it off anyhow. When its time to eat anyone who has had my ribs will say they are the best they ever had. hmmmmm maybe they might be a tad better if I got that little bit off. or not. My point is on some ribs it is so thick that its needs to come off and will easy. On the ones like I mentioned above it does not really matter. So choose you drink wine or beer.
Ok I will have a beer now ummmm or a glass of wine oh what ever
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Ooo wait till ya try a DRY one! Seriously!
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So if i get some Baby back ribs they have the membrane on them as well?
I was'nt sure if was just spare ribs.
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What are you paying for baby backs at Costco? I get mine from Sams Club for around 30.00 for 3 slabs.
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Membran off here--always. Also use the dry paper towl, 1 per slab seems to get it for me.
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I forget the price for pound but for three good size ribs I pay around the same as you
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