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Friday nite Iowa Gathering FOOOOODDDDD!!!!!!

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whats the plan for friday nites supper?......i will be bringing 6 brined chicken 1/4's we can do, since they are quick........any other ideas?
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Not sure yet if I'm even gonna make it for Friday nite....depends on how the rest of the week goes with work.
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To heck with work Eric you do that every week but how often do you get a chance at gathering with your SMF buddies. Cut out early and have a great weekend just don't let Steve talk you into any belly shots for the camera biggrin.gif
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EXACTLY thoughts also

and just don't bet i don't get a belly shot of ALL smf's members that show up........BWHAHAHAHAHHA
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Um, let me know what time this will happen. That way way I can show up a little bit later.
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JUST before you go home........LOL
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I thought you were going to say that.
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I mite be able ta scrounge up a few burger patties an maybe some brats, see ifin I have any pork steaks in the freezer. All these can be grilled.
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when i talked to buzz last nite, he was talking burgers and brauts also

i have some brats and bout everyone just bring what THEY will eat that nite?

there WILL be fresh onion rings and green pepper rings that nite being served also...........
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