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My BEST mistake... Pulled Brisket.!!!

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I went to this new deli last week and bought a 6# brisket. Looks like they cut the point off and sold seperately. So it wasn't huge. But, the biggest i've cooked. Usually only 2# or so. It was trimmed just right already.

I cooked it with my own rub that i really like.!!! Brown sugar, onion powder, garlic salt, paprika, a little chayene pepper, and some cajun spice. And on the fat side i just put garlic salt, onion powder and the cajun. I cooked it fat side up at 222 - 230 was the temp swing. Using hickory chips. no mop. I flipped it about 4 hours into cooking.

Sounds normal right.? well, i had to run a few errands.. so i just haired the temp down incase of a spike or i was gone longer. and i was gone longer than i thought i would. When i came back the temp was dead on 175 internal.. and the smoker was staying at 224. So it was damn near perfect i thought. I just bought a new cooler while i was out too.. so i wrapped the brisket in foil. and then a couple towels and threw it in the cooler. And then the wife and i decided to watch UFC.. forgot about the brisket for a little while. and did it pay off.!!!!!

When i first cut into it... damn near fell apart. i was like.. huh.? i kept cutting and it was AWESOME. best brisket ever. To make it perfect, i would have liked more smoke. I can get a really good ring on everything else. maybe since this was a bigger piece it was harder to establish. All i know is, no more getting brisket at Target. i think thats always been my problem. they cut almost all the fat off and take it down to about 2#. I went through like 3 of those things trying to get one to pull. And here i go and trip over it and accidently get it. I bet part of it is me trying to hard.. or maybe rushing it before. Oh well though.

Sorry no Qview. I really didn't expect much out of this. i've done views before on them and i didn't think this was gonna be any different. I'll qview my next one though.

I surely learned that its just time that makes everything better.. take your time.
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Well, it sure sounds good Tbone, even without pics!
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I love it when that happens. You think it's gonna be a disaster and it turns out great. LOL. Just wish it would happen a Little more often biggrin.gif
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Those are good problems to have PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Yep, time and temp will do it.
Time = Temp.
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