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Moppin sauce for brisket

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Was wonderin if any one has tried to use just good ol straight italian dressing for a moppin sauce?
Gonna pull an all nighter with a 13pounder for wifes B-day dinner tomorrow night.....I got a tuscany house Italian dressing I thought about usin for the mop....Any thoughts on that would be appreciated...Thanx guys.............Yes there will be Q-view
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its either jack daniels or famous daves.. but, they have this Apricot Bourbon sauce that is REALLY good for a brisket mop. I mixed some cajun seasoning to give it a little twang and it was a really good sweat spicey combination.

I've heard a lot of people mention italian dressing though. i should try it sometime.
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I have also seen a ton of mentions about Italian dressing. I personally go with a mixture of Jack Daniels and Apple Juice. Get a really nice bark from the carmelization of the sugars in the whiskey and juice.
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This might give you some ideas, personally, I love Italian dressing and brisket:

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I just checked out that post u told me too....WOW...is all I can say..Thanx for input...
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Not quite what you were asking for, but I have a brisket on right now and am using the following:

1 bottle Guinness
3/4 cup apple cider vinegar
2.5 handfuls rub (yea, it's that accurate)
1-2 Tbl red pepper flake
1-2 "bloops" of EVOO
2 Tbl Claude's Brisket Marinade Sauce

Stir well, apply every hour.
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