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Surf & Turf?

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I did a batch of shrimp for a friend's get together this weekend and while I had the UDS going I threw on a ribeye and some crab legs.

I marinaded the shrimp in evoo, garlic, soy and sherry. Wrapped in bacon and threw them on the UDS.

The ribeye, crab legs and some corn....

I still have some morels from this spring so I sauted some in butter with garlic and a bit of onion.....

The finished meal.....

And....I couldn't eat even half of it!
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That is an awesome feast surf an turf fit for a king PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Dangit Cowgirl, Your grub always looks exceptional !!! Wish you were a friend or nieghbor of mine!!!biggrin.gif
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Gosh Darn that looks TASTY!!!! As good a surf and turf plate as any you could find around here!
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Surf and turf for one?? It's only 1460 miles from my place tp yours
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Thank you Piney and Fireguy! I sure needed help eatin it....but I didn't have to cook for the rest of the weekend. smile.gif
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Jeanie, outstanding as usual!

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Thanks Vlap and DINGLE!
I can honestly say...wish you guys were here to help me with that meal! lol
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Fantastic..........and you were going to drive to Florida for frog legs. PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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I do love frog legs....biggrin.gif
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HOLY COWgirl!! That looks great.
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Hey Twister....Thanks! :)
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excellant as usual Curly girl

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See, that's what they call five star here at the SMF. You make it look so easy. OUTSTANDING PLATE. Look forward to your next Q-VIEW.

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Thanks deud....i'm still gonna get ya!! lol biggrin.gif
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I appreciate the kind words Scott!! You're too sweet!
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That all looks sooooo good! I love the bacon wrapped shrimp. It's one of my favorites!
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Thank you Ken and KC!
I seem to be on a seafood and shroom kick lately. Can't get enough of em. lol
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