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Taste of Grand Rapids 25-26 July

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Info on the Taste. Turn ins 1200 - 1330. Refreshments afterwards. Awards 1530.

Smokin Scotsmen will be there. Hope to see alot of ya'll there!

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BTW, anyone welcomed before hand to see how a comp really goes before turn -ins. Just stay outta the way. People running around, "using bad words" (Tonto)wink.gif , and just wanting to "Getter Dun"! HOpe to see some of ya'll there!
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Good luck, guys... go GIT 'EM!
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As much as I was hoping to attend, I can't swing it this year, and neither is the team I was gonna help in the event.Moneys tight around here. I will be hoping for some updates and results when you guys and gals get back home from the big weekend. Good luck to ya, I hope you guys get a walk or two.


Have lotsa fun!

Take a few pics too!
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Good luck, Crewdawg & Scottmen! Should be a beautiful weekend for it.
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Good luck Scotsmen!

I will wear a kilt that day.
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We'll be sporting the new kilts as well!! biggrin.gif

::notes the suprised/worried look on Crewdawg's face:: eek.gif
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