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Looking for June Berry Recipes

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We will be picking a almost unlimited supply of June Berries this week and are looking for recipes to use them in; wine, jelly, jams, syrups, pie fillings etc.

We have not made wine before, but my wife is very head strong about getting into it, so I assume we will be purchasing some new equipment.....

Her plans are to can the June Berries for future use. Any suggestions and recipes will be appreciated. Is canning the berries best or would dehydrating them work better?

Thanks in advance, Marty.
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Mossy, I'm not familiar with june berries....I have sand hill plums in my area, would they be similar?
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I have no idea, Googled them and this is what I found -

June Berries

Sand Hill Plums

They sure do look similar.....
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mossy........did you GOOGLE recipes for june berries?
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and i BET that wood would be good smoking wood also
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This is a picture of the "real" Juneberries (above post) here in ND. I am looking for some tried and true recipes, I did google it first. I am wanting to preserve them to use later in pies or muffins. Does anyone know if they freeze well?

Thanks for the advice, Tanya.
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Our june berries have been over and done with even before june this year. I bet they would make good just about everything you mentioned. I would shoot for a pie myself.
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They are different from the sandhill plums...I don't think I've ever tried a june berry.
I make wine but not sure if you are interested in my method. It's really high tech..involves a gallon jar and a balloon. lol
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PM me your wine making process if you dont mind. Not sure I will get to it yet, but I sure hope by next yr we will be settled in and I can get back to enjoying some of my hobbies.

Our weather just got warm not to long ago - but reading up on these berries middle of June is the most common for them to be in season for our area. We have had a strange weather season this yr.

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