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Keeping my temp up

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I am going to smoke 12# of wings this week in my Smoke Hollow (GOSM knock off) so I want to make sure they come out right. The best wings I have made was on a 90 degree day with no wind and my smoker hit 325. However last weekend it was windy and the hottest I got was 285. I have some thoughts but don't necessarily want to try them all at once.

1- No Water (What Im leaning tword trying first). I add boiling water, but mabey no water is better. I would still use my water pan and wrap it with foil, but will all of the fat from the chicken skin cause a problem? I dont really want to use sand but I do have some ceramic briquettes out of an old gas grill I could toss in the water pan

2- Add charcoal to the fire box - I figure this can give me the extra BTUs

3- Add more wood - I dont fill my fire box completely, I use only 4 or 5 chunks at a time. My very first time smoking I loaded it up, closed my vents, and got tons of thick white smoke and was not happy with the results (After that I found this site). Since then I have only ever used 1/3 of the wood. I see the GOSM guide recommends filling the fire box. How do you guys do it?

4 - Open the vents? When cooking low and slow I open them all the way, but when going for a high temp I close them. If running on just propane this helps, but Am I in turn choking off the supply of o2 to the wood creating less heat than I would lose if they were open? When windy this seems to help, but mabey I just didnt have enough wood and air combined. Also, I dont know about the actual GOSM, but mine when "closed" they are still open 25-30% compared to when they are fully open.

Thanks for reading.
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Just an idea but if you obtained 325* with no wind why not just set up a wind block so you can attain that temp again?
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