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It was tuff. I go w/ Eraine. Grothe, Weezer, lownslow, Will Z, Haolman, BBQG hate to leave someone out did an incredible job. Way to go everyone.
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For presentation has to be HaloMan. That plate looks awesome. Very, very closely follwed by , MrPorky, Icruzen, Will Z, Erain, BBQ Goddess, dammit ..... everyone .......... this is like having a restaurant full of your fav foods and only being able to have one thing PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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Everyone did such a great job, well thought out and very creative!
I have to say I have a tie too.
Buck & Erain with their plates and all the props!!
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I agree, very tough decision, I think Holoman has the best plated presentation.
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Best looking plated: BBQGoddess's Bodacious Fatty
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Gotta go with erain's Holiday Stuffed Turkey fatty
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Holoman's presentation!
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I'm goin with CAMOCOOK's. Que, JD and peppers. Nice and simplePDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Hands down. For me anyway,
BBQGoddess's Bodacious Fattie.
That fattie could win any category
Definetley something I'd want to try!
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