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Let the voting begin!!
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Kinda got mixed up here with all the threads but for most creative, I vote for LOWnSLOW!
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Gotta check names but one vote for the gent with the poker fattie. That was certainly creative.
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Are you goin to start a poll?

What are we voting on?

Wheres the pics?
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lownslow for my vote. That had to take some time!!!
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LOWnSLOW gets my vote here that poker fattie is creative
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for the most creative, a tough call, looked at lotsa very creative fatties, some which even smile back at ya!!!! but if i look at the pair of pics, both the finished and the plated cut away view, i keep coming back to bbqg bodacious fatty, not only is that thing stuffed but that sucker a beaut from the outside as well!!!! my vote for bbqg.... great job bbqg!!!!!
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I have to agree for the most creative being the poker fattie
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My vote goes to Goddess' The Bodacious Fattie!

Just look at that!!!!!
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My votes for most of these categories ended up in a tie ...

I'm with the majority of the group so far by voting for a Chef Kel creation, however my choice was for the Kenny Chesney fatty. The ingredients alone, with the fruit and the spread, piqued my interest from the very beginning. Proved to be juicy by having a blow out, but overall, bet it was one of the most flavorful with a sweet twist!

The other fatty that had my vote was the Poker Fatty by Lownslow. The cutouts alone of the aces and spades were quite artsy and the fillings looked tasty as well! With the beer and the cards in the final pic, I almost voted it into the best plated but .... too many decisions!!

Great job everyone!
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Here's a link to the entries that had tons of hits ... 2,803 views and 115 posts ... PDT_Armataz_01_06.gif

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Low N Slow

There were many to choose from, but the Poker one had to be a lot of work and took a lot of imagination. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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poker fattie gets my vote
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Poker fattie by Lownslow
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I have to agree for the most creative being the poker fattie.
With a LOT of close seconds
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Another poker fatty vote!
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another vote for the Poker fattie by Lownslow.
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It's a gamble but I have to go with the poker fatty!
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Another vote for the poker fattie by lownslow!
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I gotta join the herd and go with low n slow, too. When you see the ingredients match the props what can you say?

A close 2nd to Buck (Cincy dog one) and Erain (thanksgiving one)
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