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Deer roast!

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I am smoking a deer roast along with the Fattie today, I will post some Pictures
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Here it is sitting next to the fattie
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Haven't had much deer,but it looks good.
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Deer is good, I never smoked it like this, The roast Is really good cooked in a gravy, but I wanted to give smoking a try with it, Need to eat it all before this hunting season.
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I gotta get better at deer hunting PDT_Armataz_01_04.gif
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Thanks Ken, I will give that a try, It looks so good right now,
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Is that part of the "football" cut Vinny? Looks like a good sized roast. Texas-Hunter has some good advice in his post for ya BTW.
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Here it is at 111 and going into the foil
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I'm doing it the way Ken said to, It's a good size roast, about the size of a football.
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Mmmmm, it's looking good Vince! I love deer
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I have been doing some loins/backstraps in the smoker lately. I have been rubbing them with some seasonings and cooking until they hit 140 IT. They have been great, be careful not to over cook! My wife even is asking for more, I couldn't hardly get her to eat deer before!
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