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cold smoke

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ive never cold smoked before only hot smoked.. My cured pork has been smoking for 6hrs at 79F I cant see any colour change in the meat at all
I guess this is normal for cold smoking????

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I am fairly new to this stuff but I can't imagine anything getting smoked at 79 degrees....
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Its not uncommen for trout etc over here to be smoked at this temp.. I have just never done it with pork.

By the smell of the chiller its taken on some smoke flavor allright.... Maybe a few more hrs of cold and then abit of hotter smoke for colour

Cold smoking

process is typically used for salmon, salamis, kippers, hams and special
cheese. A cold smoking process may last several weeks. Normally the
smoking process lasts for 6-24 hours

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When I cold smoke sausage, its usually 6-8 hrs. I would assume, depending on your personal taste (how much smoke you want) that bacon would take longer depending on type of bacon and thickness.
The colour should be darker but will be hard to tell the difference unless you have another piece not smoked to compare it to.
I would say, belly bacon, with my taste, I would smoke 7-9 hrs in cold smoke.
Hope this helps.
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Cheers for that Andy
I cold smoked it for 8hrs and then 3 1/2 hrs at 122F...
So ill let ya all know how it turns out..

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