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my first abt's q-view

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Since I had the smoker fired up for the fattie throwdown. I figured I would throw some abt's on. Some are stuffed with cream cheese only then wrapped in bacon. Some are stuffed with a cream cheese/salsa mixture (my wife makes it all time as a dip) then wrapped in bacon.
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second pic smells better than the first....
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Looks too good!!!
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Hey ...bad man wadda you mean .. lol
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look fine here, course i never made any yet..... but i seen enuff of them to know those are just fine and taste better!!!!!
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Nice job,,I was on the fence but you pushed me over with this thread. I will now be adding a few to my smoke tomorrow.
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Those look great. I have been making alot of abt's lately. couple times a week atleast. mmmm need to make more today
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They look great Wutang!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks great. I love these little things.....SOOOOO tasty. Yum.
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