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Smoking Steak

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I have seen a couple of threads about this, but just thought I would pass on what I learned today. I saw a cooking show that was about cooking a steak without drying it out. This chef recommended rubbing the steak and then baking in a 275F oven until it reaches about 100F internal temp. Then sear the steaks in a pan or grill. Steaks sear quickly after baking.

When I saw the show, all I could think about was how similar the temps were to the temps in my smoker. According to the chef that I saw, steaks that are first smoked and then seared should turn out perfectly. I have some 3/4 inch strip steaks that I am going to experiment with soon. I will post pics when I do.

I think that I could smoke the steaks until 115-120F before searing. My wife likes a more well done steak and maybe this will help make her well done steak juicier.
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Took the words right out of my mouth! biggrin.gif
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yep, ronp100343 has done ribeyes like this and i tried to imitate with some prime rib steaks but i smoked a tad to high in temp so was unable to complete the sear or i woulda ran past med. and that a lil further than i usually go. but were very tender and the sear on end really enhanced flavor!!!
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Yup! Came across some chuck-eyes at a local store and bought up about 6 packs (12 steaks). Injected this morning and will be throwing on the smoker later on before grilling.

I love this place. Totally changing my way of thinking when it comes to cooking/grilling/smoking...

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I've been cooking my steaks this while for quite a while.

I do it on my grill by putting hot coals on just one side. I'll set my (room-temperature) steaks on the cool side for a couple minutes to soak up some of that good smoke flavor and then finish/grill them over the hot coals.
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ok I need a little help how long do you smoke the steaks before you grill or do you just smoke til done
I did a 45 min smoke then finished on my grill and they tasted not too much different then if I had just grilled them help
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Wow,  thats a personal preference question.   I normally build a hot wood fire (pecan) and throw the steaks on.  They pick up lots of smokey goodness.  You can put them in a warm smoker and let them go a couple of hours but steaks are one thing that each individual likes different.  I am sure someone else will give you a better answer.

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I have allergies to pecan so. Maybe cherry will be better
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A smoked steak is a good meal and I like it every now an then but you just can't beat a good grill hunk of ribeye. 

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I cold smoked a ribeye once, and it turned out pretty good after being grilled like I normally do. I always let my steaks rest on the counter to get to room temp, so I figured why not cold smoke them in this time frame? I need to try it again, but I think it's a pretty good idea :)

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You can cool smoke100-130*F for 1 to 2 hours right from the fridge, then Sear on a hot fire...This is ONLY safe if you DON'T INJECT...Above 90* Bacteria multiply rapidly, doubling about every twenty 20 minutes. If you kill them, get above 135*, with a good sear, no big deal...BUT...135*F with a rest will give a Medium Steak, too done for many...So if you inject and cool smoke and only cook to 120*-130*F Rare-Med Rare...You may not kill the Bacteria you pushed in with your needle and the resulting Intestinal Distress is no fun!...JJ

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