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My biggest challenge yet!

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By biggest I mean 16.26 puonds! I aint never seen a brisket ths big. My first response was "I dont want one that big." But wifey says that we gotta do it. At 1.67/lb Im not gonna pass it up. But dang thats about half a cow aint it? Local butcher had a 10 pounder for 2.79/lb. pretty much the same price for 6 pounds less.Im thinkin bout seperatin the flat from the point. Whatever, it aint happin the weekend. Got a bigass chicken thing goin on tomorrow and with NO PICS, Well you Know!!
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Should be a challenge. I like the smaller(younger) briskets myself. 11-13 lbs seems best for me. If I were you with a large(older packer) I would inject and foil early, maybe even cook in a pan( I never cook in a pan myself). There is a reason the jumbos are cheaper!icon_wink.gif
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You got the room on a chargriller, GO for it!!
Don't seperate it either, the point has some great fat in it that will help keep the flat moist.
Slice up dinner and save the rest for another nice meal, and by all means, make burnt ends out of the point.....thats 3 meals on 1 cook!! biggrin.gif
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Capt Dan,did you ever inject and foil early?
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Don't Separate!

Oh Man! Keep that thing whole! Juicy !uicy Juicy. Maybe smoke for about four hours and then pan and foil till 200. My last brisket was 12 lb. I foiled after three hours and OMG! It practically fell apart when I lifted it out of the pan! I've got another 12.5 in the freezer right now that I picked up at Wally Hell for next weekend. Got mine for 1.67 as well. THey had a 15 lb'er that I had a hard time passing up. Looked like there was just a lot more fat on it was all though, su I decided to stick with what I know.
Have a great smoke!

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good luck, thats alot of meat.
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Yes I have. The first Jumbo I didn't, it was a bit dry, the 2nd one I did that was over 14 lbs, I did, and it was alot better. I still like the smaller ones(10-12 lbs).icon_smile.gif
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