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First Brisket

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Im going to give brisket a try. Im going to use sumosmoke's wine marinade, sear it and then let it smoke at 220 for a loooonnng time. Im going to try to not mop it to see what I get. Im going to pull it out when it hits 200 degrees.

Here it is after marinading and ready for searing

It on fire (had long tongs and welders gloves)

All seared and ready to be smoked. I hope I seared it enough.

I'll update this post tomorrow with the final product.
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looks like that's gonna be a good one bixter. Love the pics of the sear.

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Thanks. Im not sure if the searing helps or not (such debate on this website) but it sure is FUN to do!
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A man after my own heart......nothing better than a fire.....except a BIGGER fire!!.........LOL biggrin.gif

Nice lookin brisket!

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Earache my eye is one of the greatest rock-in-roll songs ever!
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Looking good so far.
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Lookin' good! I haven't tried a brisket since I ruined the last one! biggrin.gif Nothing to do with searing, I just didn't know to leave it on long enough. Now that I've joined SMF and learned a few things from the pros, I'm going to do another one.
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This came out amasing. Very juicy and the ends were nice and barky. I smoked it until it hit 170 and then put it in a 250 degree oven until it hit 200. I loosely put a piece of foil over the top (didnt seal the sides) to protect the meat from any direct heat. I sliced the cap and pulled the rest. We had friends over and ate this way too fast for me to take a picture. This was a great method for me (barley did anything) no mopping, nothing. Just smoking and eating! Im not going to attempt to change this recipe since this is the best Ive ever had. Living in the NE part of the US I dont have a whole lot to compare things to but this was rocking. Thanks Sumosmoke for the recipe. I need to make another ASAP

Here is a top view:

Side view:
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