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smokin chicken wings???

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I just got some chicken and I'm going to smoke them in the morning. Has any one on here ever smoked wings? I am smoking ribs and a shoulder also oh and 2 chickens. so I know I should be between 200-250 degrees for the ribs but will this be good for all my meats? also should i keep the skin on the wings and the chickens or should I skin them?
any help or pointers would be great thanks guys and girls.
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I would say 225 - 250. If you skin the chicks they will probably be dry. Some folks like to smoke poultry hotter but the above will work for everything.

Hope this helps.
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Chicken I prefer to do at higher temps as anything lower than say 275F will result in rubbery skin. If you are doing the chicken with other meats that require lower temps, you can leave the skin on and discard it before eating. Either way, high or low temp, it should taste great...

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Lenny, Agree with the above info as you have to run the non-chicken at 225-250. I just did a bunch of wings, drum sticks, thighs and breasts and I just coated the skin in mayo and smoked them at about 300. They all came out great. But that was an all chicken smoke. IMHO thighs and drum sticks is what I will go for in the future and not bother with wings. (more meat for the trouble)

Good luck.
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I cook chicken wings on my smoker almost every time i fire it up (nice chef's snack).

I typically smoke it and then finish them by frying in my cast-iron pan to crisp up the skin (finish toss in sauce and eat).
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Thanks every one for the tips I smoked them up on Sunday along with some chickens every thing came out really good. I did notice that the wings a chickens on the top rack of my smoker ( its a walmart smoker with the fire box on the side not a vertical ) seemed to be a lot darker than every thing else and some of the wings were to cooked to eat. Is there any way to equalize the temp. in the smoker?
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